Hydrogen Garage sold Enagic Water Machines for about 8 years+, we only sold 3 in 8 years. We no longer sell them, due to a class action law suit against alkaline water machines. They leach metals into your body. We sell the new enhanced WATER SMACKER! that does more for your body's health. The Alkaine Water Machines are a hard sell and too expensive for most households today. Only the rich elite can afford them. The WATER SMACKER will be a house hold name, in the future. It can not be copied. Only $350 to clean out your body on a daily basis, no plumbing involed, no filters to replace. No harmful titanium dixoode will enter yuor body. Boost your immune system by 100%. Alkaline your body natural with the negative non-hertzain static energy all around us with the pulse of the Earth's healing frequency. 11/2017

$350 WATER SMACKER is now available. Learn more. A far better, cheaper healing device.

The Water Smacker does 3 things to your drinking water.

1) Micro clusters the water molecule to nano size, easier to absorb into your body and blood stream. Quenches your thirst faster on a hot day and work out.

2) Hydrogen ionizes your drinking water, that combats anti-oxidants and restores and rejuvenates and cleans out your body's fluids. It helps your body eliminates the positives. No wall current is run though your water like the alkaline water machines do, the WS uses a radio frequency of the earth inside and uses the static non-hertzian energy out of the air to pulse.

3) Uses the 100% negative non-hertzain energy to pulse the healing 7.5hz. frequency of the Earth into the memory of the water in the round resonant chamber. No alkaline water machine does this. No alkaline water machine compares to the healing potential of a Water Smacker. No metals (erosion of the electrode metal plates) in the water from the over voltage in electrolysis all alkaline water machines. You can avoid drinking the white titanium/calcium flakes at the bottom of your drinking glass after a year's use of a Kangen Water machine.

Who is Bob? A re-tired DOD scientist, quantum physicist, chemist and much more. A genius on another level, 90% of his knowledge is on a classified basis and he can not talk about it. His field of work is vass, similar to Nikola Tesla, who invented most every electric gadget we use today.




Buy a Healing Kangen Water System Now!
for only $1,480.00 (2016)
" New
LeveLuk R "
Water Smacker is only $350


Enagic JR2 Kangen Water™
$2,380.00 plus your state sales tax
and $25 UPS ground shipping costs.

Water Smacker is only $350



Watch the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water™ Demonstration

Enagic SD501 Kangen Water™ BEST SELLER
$3,980.00 plus your state sales tax, $25 to ship UPS GRD.

Water Smacker is only $350



Enagic SD501 Platinum Kangen Water™ $4,980.00

Water Smacker is only $350



Enagic Super501 Kangen Water™
For Restaurants • Fitness/Health Centers




The ANESPA removes chlorine from
your shower and bath water.

Kangen Machine Comparisons Chart

Financing is available as well!

MiraCule Water System, contains ORME gold (monoatomic gold)
Known to reverse the aging process! ON SALE $1,400


Enjoy A ORME Technology Miracule Water • World’s Greatest Water Filtration
System in your home or work environment. Removes radio active particles
from the body. Creates Orgone. Separates the mono-atomic super conducting
elements. Creates high levels of age reversing ORP. Maintains a perfect ph body.


A Healing Water Fountain in your own home is available!

Turn your health around now! Watch the videos on this page, it explains itself.
This is amazing information for health! Contact us below.
We would love to talk with you!

Change your Water . . . Change your life

Video of the Health Benefits of Drinking Kangen Water & Testimonies


Complete demonstration of The Enagic SD501 Kangen Water™ machine.


See Results with Kangen Water™ Which one does your blood look like?

Amazing Before and After Blood test video

Complete demonstration of The Enagic SD501 Kangen Water™ machine.


Watch this video and you may never drink a soda ever again. Not only are you drinking one cup of sugar or cup of high fructose corn syrup, your also flooding your body with a heavy concentrated acid bath! Most of us are too acidic! This water will wipe out acid and make you feel way better!!

Rather drink the micro clustered healing water from your kitchen sink faucet! Makes a better tea, a better tasting coffee. Two thirds of Japanese citizens have Kangen water machines in their homes. In Japan this water machine is recognized as a medical healing device. Enagic has been selling water machines for over 37 years now! Japanese doctors give & recommend this water to their patients.

Wall Street journal article on ionized water . Most new technologies, when introduced start out being criticized ... Then the beginning of acceptance ... and then it becomes a commodity. Kangen water is at the right time and the right place for us to financially capitalize.

Beware of the skeptics online taking down Kangen water. They have never tried it in their own body, so they have no clue. They may try to persuade you to buy a cheaper water machine. Cheaper machines simply don't cut it. Listen to the hundreds of testimonies now on youtube. Also the machines are guaranteed or your money back! Call today and talk to a water expert.

Acidic Blood vs Alkaline Blood ( A must see video)

The Powerful Properties of Structured, Ionized Water ( A must see video)

Dr. Shinya Colon Health Video ( A must see video)

Please listen to Lauren's videos, she does a great job of explanation
of the liquids we drink daily.

Buy a water machine for your home, write it off on your taxes and become a dealer!
Get involed! Heal the people! Do something positive for health!

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"You will not see it on TV, but you'll sure see it on YouTube!"

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