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Stan Meyers Estate Sale YouTube Video • 1/2010 !!

I encourage you to download these .pdf files below. In case this site get's hijacked or disappears mysteriously. Someday we will be able to talk freely on this subject. Today 3/07 it is forbidden to know this stuff, we don't need the stinking black oil. They plan on pumping the ole buried Garden of Eden under Iraq, the Tigris / Euphrates River Valley. All that lush garden decomposed in the world' s finest reserves. Let's leave God's old garden alone. Don't you think? Run a car on water instead. How much record breaking profit are you making in your wallet?
Also I have experienced record breaking global warming this summer, how about you? 8/06. Oil funds the guns, rockets, ammo of the insurgents in Iraq.The fruits bear witness, the war in Iraq is a quagmire, led by false informatiom and a false flag operation.

Files 1 - 19 are .pdf files - (Adobe Acrobat Reader files.)
with an exception # 18 is a word.doc.
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Just recently aquired (3/10/07): All of his Data - 243 page .pdf file!

Stan Meyers Estate Sale YouTube Video • 1/2010

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Two more News Releases by Stanley Meyer #1 and #2

and more pdf's on Stan's PWM circuit to create 10x's Faraday's egas 12

Also go visit Murray' s Site :

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Stan is gone, but his spirit lives on!

Listen to this video, all 10 parts, if you want to hear about this
technology. Not a myth or a crime. Hear it from the man who
is ahead of his field, from a recent Hydrogen Show. 2/09

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