Water Cars can also drive on water.
Your town is flooding, no problem.

Kiss the refineries good bye!
Breathe fresh Air in the future!

Come on in the Water's Warm!
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Water Powered Cars or Hydrogen Powered Cars, using 100% water as fuel is real. They do exist, but the inventors do not. If all ICE motors (Internal Combustion Engines) were converted to burn hydrogen and oxygen in the water, as fuel to propel our cars, trucks, semi's etc., we would all save big time at the pumps. The only problem would be that the large Oil Corporations would go under and SMOG would leave the planet for good. The Ozone would get healed and would survive. If we stopped producing SMOG, the ozone and global warming and greenhouse effects would go away. The present US administration and DOE (US Dept. of Energy) does not want this to happen, they make too much money selling you gas and feeding you bullshit. Only outlaws drive them. Why there are not making any SMOG for us to breathe. Fighting for oil under the sand never made any sense to me. For all the Red Christians who back the War President, let me ask you 2 questions? Who Would Jesus Bomb?
Who would Jesus kill?
27,000 Iraqis?, because of one set-up bad evil dictator? Judas Iscariot tried to get Jesus to kill all the Romans, but his plan failed. Under Iraq lies the richest, best untouched oil reserves in the world. Formally the location of the "Garden of Eden", underneath all that sand is the old Tigris / Euphrates River valleys, once lush green vegetation, now rich black oil. Lets get a hold of it and burn it up driving our ICE automobiles forever. We will all burn up God's Ole" Garden of Eden". SMOG the planet some more. Imagine all of China driving cars too!

Hey let's not receive"Lighting Bolts from Heaven" and burn hydrogen from water, instead of from hydrocarbons, like they do today?

Water Cars are spacy looking.
They look really weird.

Why do you make light heartiness
over such a serious issue? Only fools
turn to alternative energy.

After 2 years of research I gathered all the information I could to make these web pages. My intention is to inform everyone of alternative fuel is here, but not being used. The DOE and present administration's idea of a Hydrogen Future really stinks. They give millions away into a Hydrogen Future in which only pads their wallets, not ours. Imagine Hydrogen Gas Stations of the future where you drive up to fill your car up with pressurized hydrogen (like LP propane fuel today, but more dangerous tanks) for how much a gallon? $10 a gallon? When you can make your own hydrogen real easy! Water is Free if you have a well, a river a lake on your property. Get into the Bottled Water business. Once Water takes over. THe Oil Empire will shrink terribly so and that is why they fight so hard to keep us un-informed. But thanks to God and the Internet we can live better! I encourage everyone who reads this to build one yourself. I have not personally built one yet, but I'm presently working on one in my spare time. If I was rich I'd do it full time. Beware inventors of Water Cars disappear, get sick or die. Alot of people don't believe this part, go read these stories and you might change your mind.

Water Powered Cars drive better with off set wheel positioning.

BMW's Hydrogen Powered Car

Cheers to the Water Car
Even Al agrees!

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I even made my own Hydrogen Booster for my Chevy Truck, you can too! Not that hard to do. I have links to all plans that I found. Cost me $100 to make. I get 18-20% better gas mileage! and my engine runs, better and cleaner. Fran won a Mileage Car Rally in Maryland with his homemade HO fuel cell and gas vaporizer! He actually won but was given 2nd place, he beat all the new hybrid cars! Is his shop a SMOG factory like a Fuel Cell Factory has stacks with smoke of hydro carbons burning to make the cells that are not as efficient as homemade "On Board Hydrogen Electrolysis"


If Hydrogen Boosters are do great how come you cannot buy one from the Autozone? Good question? The DOE will not let manufactures make them, they say they need to make them safe and that would take years of research. You can make one yourself, you can buy a kit. This way the liaiblity is your hands. I believe the DOE does not want technology that will bankrupt the owners ! That is the TRUTH! Amen.

* Warning The Surgeon General has found that reading this here web site will getting you thinking differently. You will not forget what you just read. It will stick like glue. The simple will confuse the wise. Those who serve Money over Man shall perish. Live simple & remember some guy loves you!

We still have our FREEDOM let's use it! I'm not a terrorist, I'm a nice guy. Please leave me alone. I cause no harm. I want to help clean up our planet. No crime done, but why do I feel like an damn outlaw. I read Water powered Cars are outlawed. I seek the truth, not the chaff in the wind. Jesus is Lord over me and all the Oil Corporations and the Energy Dept. (DOE) and GW Bush. Speak freely while you still can.

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