1978 Camaro

In May of 2005, a guy by the name of "slr9a9m9"( aka Nathan Armour) joined the egaspower and watercar Yahoo Groups and said, "Why are you guys fooling around with hydrogen electrolysis cells for? Why not bypass that part and burn the water as soon as it hits the combustion chamber?, as I'm doing. Yes I got my 1978 Camero to run totally on water. Here is his story. Download it now. (pdf. file) Another version

Slr9a9m9's drawings of his invention.

When The coil fires to a relay it only activates the relay to send the 110 to the plug , and that's all it dose the spark ends there. Don't hook the 110 to the coil it will explode . Each of the relays I
have has ( 7 ) poles on them , two 2 to the plug (+) & (-) , two 2 from the inverter to the spark box (+)& (-) , one from the disc cap for each spark plug , I don't know how the grounding works inside the relays, but it dose ground some how . I haven't taken one apart to see how it works yet. The plugs are grounded to the engine block ,the connecter is between the plug and block . Regular sparkplug ends can be used at the head of the plug to insulate them.

slr9a9m9's 1978 Camaro Conclusion

No one yet has been able to duplicate slr9a9m9's Camero, or they kept it quiet.
The main problem was finding the same 8 relays that slr9a9m9 used. He said they were out of an old air conditioning unit from the 50's. They had t large coils with large diodes, to prevent the AC & DC from going back to the invertor and shorting it out. Here is what slr9a9m9 said about the relays : 8/05 :
My son works for a power company and took one of the relays in for a test , He told me I had it hooked up wrong on the car , and it shouldn't work as it is hooked up , he then ran another test and found that the relay was boosting the amps from the disc cap to the plug , the coil out put on the car is 34000 volts at 0.83 amps , the power at the plug is now 24000 volts at 6.3 amps . The inverter and the relays reduce the voltage and increases the amps to the plugs . the spark advance in the disc., keeps the engine from passing the firing zone when the engine is running , it locks in
place because of the time setting . It was a lucky mistake that I happened to find the right wiring to make the car run like this .

The relays have double feed back diodes in them rated at 1800 volts ac . this is why there is no feed back to the inverter . They also have a double coil with locking contacts under load . the 4 or 5 turns of the engine when starting it is when the coils get charged and change the voltage and amps to the plugs , Once the coils charge the contacts stay closed and the coils stay charged .

Patrick from the UK, came up with substitute relays by just making some coils and using large diodes. See his .pdf file here.

All in all no one has said they followed Slr's plan and succeeded. Some say he is a hoax, He tell us he is busy building a web site. Meanwhile we will wait and see. We all thanked him for giving us his plans and secret away. He does not want to make money with it. Just sharing his ideas.

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