Tesla's "1930 Pierce Arrow" Electric Automobile
(that could have been powered by the tower seen below. updated 2/15/18)

Tesla had a large westinghouse electric motor under the hood.
Nikola Tesla reading a newspaper in his Colorado Springs Lab. • 1901

Tesla Motors of 2006 runs on a electric motor with a rack of batteries.
Nik's Car was Wireless Dude!
No need for downtime recharging it. Return to
Tesla Company like back in 1930. Wireless free radiant energy!

Nikola Tesla had an Electric Pierce Arrow back in 1930, the ICE engine was replaced with an Electric Motor. The power source was a black box of radio tubes, in the glove compartment. The box had an antenna sticking out. Tesla would fool with some tuners and tune in the right frequency and got 240 volts delivered through the air to his car. The car ran almost silent. He had the car stashed in a barn near Niagara Falls. He was sending the energy from the Power Plant, some how. He said this power could be made possible for everyone. J.P. Morgan did not like the idea, because where do you put the meter? Morgan stopped funding and Tesla's Wardencliffe Tower was destroyed & taken down. Tesla sent a particle beam to the stratosphere and down to Siberia. soon after he leveled an estimated 60 million trees over 2,150 square kilometers, felling them radial outward from the blast center in Tunguska, Siberia, Russia in June of 1908. The tower would have made war obsolete. We were denied this FREE power and NO MORE WAR machine. We were denied the privilege, instead we get wars over false flag operations with so called pilot terrorists with no weapons of MD. Now we pay for gas & get to breath un-natural SMOG from burning dirty hydro-carbons along with 13 bad to breathe chemicals, know to cause cancer. We could be driving our cars with water as the gas, and steam in the tail pipes.

Here is the story : In 1930, Nikola Tesla asked his nephew, Petar Savo, who was born in Yugoslavia in 1899, to come to New York. Petar was 43 years younger than his uncle. Up to that date he had lived under stringent conditions in Yugoslavia, Tesla's country of birth. During the summer of 1931, Tesla took his nephew to Buffalo to unveil and test a new automobile. Tesla had developed it with his own personal funds.

It was a Pierce Arrow, one of the luxury cars of the period. The engine had been removed, leaving the clutch, gearbox and transmission to the rear wheels undisturbed. The gasoline engine had been replaced with a round, completely enclosed electric motor of approximately 1m in length and 65cm in diameter, with a cooling fan in front. Reputedly, it has no distributor. Tesla was not willing to say who had manufactured the engine. It was possibly one of the divisions of Westinghouse.

The "energy receiver" (gravitational energy converter) had been built by Tesla himself. The dimensions of the converter housing were approximately 60 x 25 x 15cm. It was installed in front of the dashboard. Among other things, the converter contained 12 vacuum tubes, of which three were of the 70-L-7 type. A heavy antenna approximately 1.8 meters long, came out of the converter. This antenna apparently had the same function as that on the Moray converter (see chapter on Radiant Energy). Furthermore, two thick rods protruded approximately 10cm from the converter housing.

Tesla pushed them in saying "Now we have power." The motor achieved a maximum of 1800rpm. Tesla said it was fairly hot when operating, and therefore a cooling fan was required. For the rest, he said there was enough power in the converter to illuminate an entire house, besides running the car engine. The car was tested for a week, reaching a top speed of 90 miles per hour effortlessly. Its performance data were at least comparable to those of an automobile using gasoline. At a stop sign, a passerby remarked that there were no exhaust gases coming from the exhaust pipe. Petar answered "We have no motor." The car was kept on a farm, perhaps 20 miles outside of Buffalo, not far from Niagara Falls.

A few months after this automobile test, and because of the economic crisis at the time, Pierce Arrow had to stop production. It is very likely that the interconnection between the electric motor and the transmission had been performed there. Pierce Arrow's tools were taken over by Studebaker, in South Bend. Not quite 30 years later, that company also vanished to form American Motors, jointly with Nash. Later, some of its fans attempted to resuscitate the Pierce Arrow. Unfortunately, they were not successful.

Thus, today that company's name is in a mausoleum, together with others, such as Horch, Maybach, Hispano-Suiza, Bugatti and Isotta Fraschini.

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Wardencliffe Tower, Long Island, New York 1910

Tesla's dream was to have everyone tap into the FREE energy source that could be distributed through the air, with power station towers in global positions. It could power cars, trains and airplanes, boats, buses, etc. A totally clean safe power source. Makes Nuclear Energy seem down right dangerous.

Tesla was taken out
of the school's textbooks back in the early fifties. Most of us have never heard of him? He was the greatest inventor who ever lived. Born on July 10th, 1856 at exactly midnight & lived 87 years, until 1943. This year 2006, they celebrated his 150th B-Day!
He has about 700 patents in his name. He invented the radio, the telephone, the TV, AC poly phase, 60 cycle electricity, fluorescent & neon lights, the brush less motor, wireless communications, the Tesla coil, all coils we use today, transformers and just about everything at a power plant. Hydro-generators, Laser beams, Particle Beams, helicopters, robotics and many
more inventions. Also he died a poor man, such a shame for a man who gave so much and had a heart for mankind with FREE Energy for all to use. This should show you how screwed up our planet is. Accept Christ today, so when you die you will be able to sit down and talk with Nikola as long as you desire. Do you know Jesus? No , ,but I've seen the movie. LN.

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A modern distant relative of Tesla wrote me and here is what he had to say about Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 on July 10th, at exactly midnight. He has near 1200 patents. George Westinghouse, only paid Tesla a portion of the patent money he owed Tesla because, he and his Westinghouse Co. was almost bankrupt at one point. He asked Tesla to forgive the rest of the debt to keep The Westinghouse Co. going. Tesla for his good friend George Westinghouse - forgave the debt and therefore never got all the money he was due. This is a testament to Tesla's generosity and his total disregard for money, even to his own financial well being. Tesla was not a good business man. Tesla had an uncle who lived to be 140 years old. Tesla could recall every page he ever read from memory - exactly as written. Tesla intentionally sabotaged the Philadelphia experiment when he found out the Navy was going to put men on the ship without further testing. 99%25 of all the things Tesla said he could do that everyone thought were boastful and crazy were absolutely true and most of them are just barely beginning to be understood. He thought Einstein and his Theory of Relativity was wrong - and it is. Einstein based his theory on the speed of Light. But that is only the speed of light from our perspective on earth. Einstein forgot to tell the rest of the Universe that light could only go 186,000 miles per second. In the rest of our Galaxy and in the Universe Light has a much higher speed limit. The speed of Light was measured in 1887 by two guys with a light and two mirrors. No one has re measured it since. They were off a bit. An old saying goes. "Those who say something can't be done - should stop bothering those who are doing it!

The sky is NOT the limit.

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Nikola Tesla's birth!

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