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The new Hybrid Fuel Cells and how they are made. The big question is "where does the so called 'non-polluting' hydrogen come from?" It comes from a polluting process called "reforming" (or "steam reforming"). In this process a hydrocarbon fuel that contains hydrogen (coal, oil, natural gas) is "reformed" creating hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as other pollutants. The CO2 and pollutants are released into the atmosphere. The fundamental difference between a fuel cell car and an internal combustion engine car is that the hydrogen fuel for the fuel cell car is manufactured in a factory and the CO2 is released into the atmosphere at the hydrogen factory. In a conventional car, the CO2 is released wherever the car is being driven.

Fuel cell proponents have invented the concept of "sequestration" which means that the CO2 will be buried in the ground at the factory site, although that has not been done as yet. Like the nuclear waste to be stored at Yucca flats, the CO2 will hopefully stay underground for several centuries.

Ninety-six percent of the hydrogen used today comes from this reforming process, with natural gas the primary "feedstock" (48 percent) for the "reformation," followed by oil (30 percent) and coal (18 percent). The small remainder (4 percent) comes from electrolysis, which is a process of separating water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. Prepossesses as simple as cooking bacon on a cast iron skillet.

Hydrogen usage must be evaluated for its merits and weaknesses in many areas. It seems to be the ideal fuel for launching space ships. This does not mean it will be an effective replacement for internal combustion engines. It may do poorly in that area but be effective as a load leveling system for the daily and seasonal fluctuations of power production by solar or wind – no one yet knows. It is the description of it as a panacea that is questionable. The fact that it has some applicability does not make it a proven replacement for today's power networks.

An alternative approach to the fuel cell is to use the natural gas from which hydrogen is made as a fuel for natural gas powered cars and the oil from which hydrogen is made for ICE cars. Since there are already natural gas engines and Internal Combustion Engines, it is not clear why the fuel cell needs to be developed. Hydrogen is that component of "hydrocarbon fossil fuels" which is burned in conventional engines. Pollution will occur either at the factory or at the car. It is important to determine which is the most efficient way to use the resource.



You can build a more
efficient cell yourself
in your own garage.

Do it today!

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Today's FUEL CELL will come a thing of the past.

The cleanest way & most efficient way to get hydrogen and oxygen (egas or Brown's Gas) is from electrolysis, straight from water. "On Board Electrolysis" is what it's called. You make the egas as you drive, no tank storage. The trick is to make enough so when you floor it, you will have amble egas. The emission off pure water = more water vapor. Basically a self-generatiing fuel called H2O. ICE mechanics have been only told about gasoline or diesel or propane as a fuel. They have heard about egas, but all say it will not produce enough gas to run a V8 motor at 75 mph. up hill. They will laugh at you, it is that bad. When in fact you can get these results. The secret lies in a frequency generated in the cells to shake of more bubbles and that egas expands 100 fold when ignited in the cylinders. Many inventors have achieved this! All their inventions, patents, not being manufactured. Many have been bought out. The guy Pogue, who built a 200 mpg carburetor was bought out. I believe Dingel was bought out by BMW. They sign something saying they will be quiet, so that they can continue to getting large sums of cash. The stubborn ones who say no this free technology is for mankind from God, these inventors disappear or get poisoned. No joke. No lye.

It is so simple it blow you away. Why didn't I make my own, I could have been saving a lot of money all this own time if I had only know. Our present Government does not want you to this technology, no matter how great it is. You HAVE to build one yourself. I plan on doing it how about you. All the information is here for you to seek, it will take time and some money, but what else do you do with your time? Staying out of trouble?

Homemade Fuel Cells are More Efficient Proven by Recent Road Rally

It is funny to read how a guy making his own fuel cells in his shop wins a Gas Mileage Road Rally. They actually gave him 2nd place, they messed with the final results because the Car Manufacturers did not want a homemade hydrogen fuel cell to win! To top it off, Fran's shop gives off zero emissions! If I was President I'd have Fran on National Television telling everyone about the wonderful discoveries of saving our planet from Hydro-Carbon the destruction. May 13, 2005

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