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Check out what
Kevin West has
been doing at
See Kevin' videos on YouTube • Plasma Spark Experiments
Very cool and a must for all to see • 3/09/09

History of New Energy Invention Suppression Cases

Egas files galorePractical Guide to Free-Energy Devices

Hydropowercar.comJoe Cell Down UnderFuel from Water Book

American Hydrogen AssociationHydrogen Now!

Newman Free Energy Machine Video
(820% efficient energy maker)
The saddest story of a FREE Energy device,
trying to get a patent to legally manufacture them in the US,
and our US Patent Office NEVER granted Joseph Newman
a patent to produce his device that would power your home for free!
That was 20 years ago. It seems to me our US Patent Office
is run by Doctor Evil.


P.A.C.E. net
The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc.

Experience the real world auto
shopping, visit multiple brand
showrooms, try the Cars
configurator at PSCars.com,
research, compare and then buy New Cars or Used Cars





Energy Invention Suppression Cases
A 139 .pdf online book on 95 cases, by Gary V." A good informative reading of
why this technology is being suppressed. They knock out people, just like the Mafia does.


Man trying to find a cure for cancer finds he can ignite salt water with radio frequency waves.

See Salt Water Burn
Right Now!


New Joe Cell Replica made and tried, but threatened (4-15-06)

Angel's Nest (Goodbye Gasoline, Hello Hydrogen)Hydrogen Commerce

Water Fueled MotorBike • Biosfuel Commute Faster

Hydrogen-Boost.com (buy a hydrogen booster right now)

The International Association of Electrolyzer Builders

BMW's Water Hydrogen CarsSave FuelGEETWater Fuel Museum

HFI - Hydrogen Boosters for Diesel Semi Trucks

Brown's Gas (Water as Fuel) • Run your car on tap water plans

Other Cool Links

Kids for Hydrogen (A 15 year old tells it like it is.)

How to build an onboard welder in your truck.

Experience . . . surflounge.com

The Art of Mark BryanRe Open 911.org

Yahoo Water Car Groups

You can learn alot at these group/forums. Join today. It is FREE!

Hydroxy group • Egaspower group • Water car groupRadiant Energy
(Egaspower yahoo group was mysteriously shutdown around 3-25-06)

(Lately this forum turned sour, still good experiment, maybe
the truth will come forward someday. 1/06 )

WaterFuel Cell Research GroupOUPower

Joe Cell Group

French water car group
The engine has a water motor
A water a plan for the future

Coming Soon to a Drive In near you!


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