The man from Down Under : Archie Blue
Another water car Inventor who no one knows about.

Archie Blue, from Christchurch, New Zealand, was both a professional athlete in his younger years and an avid inventor. In the 1970s he patented and demonstrated publicly and before experts a device that fit in the motor compartment of a car which converted water into combustible hydrogen and oxygen. He proved his invention on many occasions, and is featured in the book "Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries". He was offered big money for his invention, which he refused, and when he died of old age, his family discarded a "pile of junk" that had belonged to him at the local dump. As of the time of this writing, his invention has never been marketed Peter Lowrie, another New Zealander who actually met Mr. Blue in the 70's, moderates a Yahoo chat group (egaspower forum has mysteriously been taken down?, but we got a new one : hydroxy), developing water fuel devices inspired by Mr. Blue's design. The group is sharing information as they perfect their devices. Mr. Lowrie feels that burning fossil fuel has adversely affected our planet, and hopes his effort will help. info. from James Allen

Here is a simple diagram of a 3 stage Archie Blue egas system by Peter Lowrie. The right voltage, amps, the right circuit, the right frequency, an IMPCO propane carb.(You can find them on ebay.) Air in coming from from your exhaust, going into a water tank instead of a gas tank. It will produce enough combustional egas to run a 4 cylinder ICE motor. (read below) Chemical engineers & physicist will tell you it will not work. It breaks the laws of physics and it simply will not work. Have they tired this themselves? They measure by BTU's (heat) while 78% of a gasoline ICE goes right out the exhaust pipe, in heat energy wasted. Hint: You don't need the heat, you just need combustion and egas produces enough in this system. Go make one it is not that hard! Open your mind and learn a new thing.

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Peter tells how to make the 3 cell design to work.

Electrolytic Gas updated .pdf 6-15-06

This paper sets out to describe why an experimental apparatus, namely a 12 valve Toyota 1600cc 4cyl engine runs on electrolytic gas. That is not so strange in itself as it is well known that Hydrogen is a fuel*. The benefit of using electrolytic gas is that the Hydrogen has with it, its own oxidizer - Oxygen. Already perfectly proportioned, no gas mixing is required and so complete combustion is accomplished without the need for additional air. Here's the rub; the car engine uses a separate belt driven three phase marine alternator in a "Y" winding with output rated at 150 Amps at 24 Volts which is fed into three electrolysis cells, each cell gets a single phase. Beginning at 12 Volts the cells are heated partly by hot exhaust gas and partly by way of voltage on the plates within acting as heating elements. When the cells get up to temperature (about 75° C) the alternator tickle supply is reduced to a range between 1.24 to 2.00 volts which then serves to increase electrolysis efficiency in accordance with Faraday's Law(s) of electrolysis and thus efficiencies in the order of 97.5% are achieved the cells consuming circa 600 Amps each the process becomes endothermic and provides gas more than sufficient to fuel the engine.

Thus the engine generates its own fuel (and oxidizer) with ample power to spare. Most argue that this is an impossible situation; at best the engine becomes a dynamic brake and at worst it just won't work. The explanation being that you can't get more energy out than what you put in and in citing various texts, at first glance appears quite correct. The fact of the matter - as this paper will prove - is that the texts are either wrong or fail to supply all of the information. Click on paper above to read the whole article.

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Archie's Answer by Peter Lowrie

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