New Zealanders Water Cars & Water Motorcycles

Download the video of the Motorcycle
that runs on water! 10/05

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Download the video of the Car
that runs on water! 3/03

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Just when you think it is not true a few more guys make a water powered car and now motorcycle!
The future is here! Think different. Imagine no gasoline, no gas bills, just plain water.
Trust the Kiwi's from down under to show the rest of the world the reality.

Water Cars Answering The Call
Water Power
Answering The Call
Answering Service Los Angeles
Service Providers
Los Angeles Hydro
LA Call


Australian Water Car

Australian Water Car • 2/06
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See Water Burn?? • 2/06
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BNE • Bryon New Energy makes Joe Cells work. Go read what they are up too

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