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I encourage you to download these .pdf files below. In case this site get's hijacked or disappears mysteriously. Someday we will be able to talk freely on this subject. Today 3/07 to 1/15, it is forbidden to know this stuff, we don't need the stinking black oil. They plan on pumping the ole buried Garden of Eden under Iraq, the Tigris / Euphrates River Valley. All that lush garden decomposed in the world' s finest reserves. Let's leave God's old garden alone. Don't you think? Run a car on water instead. How much record breaking profit are you making in your wallet?
Also I have experienced record breaking global warming this summer, how about you? 8/06. Oil funds the guns, rockets, ammo of the insurgents in Iraq.The fruits bear witness, the war in Iraq is a quagmire, led by false information and a false flag operation.

Stan's twin brother Stephen Meyer is alive and well and knew just as much or more that Stan did! He has 5 interviews on Blog Talk Radio with brother James Robey : Water Fuel. updated page 2/7/15. DOWNLOAD the lastest .pdf of how he did it.

2015 update - I continue to fight for the WATER POWERED CAR, it is a battle, the NWO hates the idea of WATER to run your car! As Ralph Robbins says. I spoke with a gentlemen who saw the buggy running in the spring of 2010, it was for sale, the Holbrook family owned and sold it, at the time. The buggy did not run on the 9 dual tube cell, nor did it run off his high spark/hho injection spark plugs that he had in his pocket at the seminars. It run on charged water from his VIC circuit, that ran his "Resonance Chamber" as he called it, he made Deuterium water. Deuterium water is classified by the DOD and your not to make it! Deuterium gas or water will run a small ICE engine with approx. 15 LPM. IF, if you can make this high powered gas or H3 water. The only problem with the buggy, was that the exhaust had a putrid ammonia smell to it!! Ammonia NH3, Deuterium mixed with nitrogen from the air produces NH3. I tried to tell the Stan Meyer replicate groups and it all goes to deaf ears? but not you, you listen to an honest man, who follows the Lord Jesus, just as Stan and Stephen Meyer did. Stan LIVES in paradise with Christ, will YOU when you die?

Files 1 - 19 are .pdf files - (Adobe Acrobat Reader files.)
with an exception # 18 is a word.doc.
Stan's diagram page.





Stan Meyer Circuits

Stan Meyer Spark Plugs (very simular to Herman P. Anderson's)

Stan Meyer News Release

Stan Meyer Full Data

Stan Meyers Estate Sale YouTube Video • 1/2010 !! sorry was removed

Stan Meyer document - pass aound


Relaxing BodyAnxietyMeditationTechniquesCalming Program

Just recently acquired(3/10/07): All of his Data - 243 page .pdf file!

Stan Meyers Estate Sale YouTube Video • 1/2010

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Two more News Releases by Stanley Meyer #1 and #2

and more pdf's on Stan's PWM circuit to create 10x's Faraday's egas 12

Also go visit Murray' s Site :

Stanley Meyer .com (sorry no more?)

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Stan is gone, but his spirit lives on!

Listen to this video, all 10 parts, if you want to hear about this
technology. Not a myth or a crime. Hear it from the man who
is ahead of his field, from a recent Hydrogen Show. 2/09

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